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Our formula's surfactants consist of long-chain molecules.  One end likes water, and is called hydrophliic, the other end likes oil and dislikes water, and is called hydrophobic.  When these surfactants are placed in water, the hydrophobic ends attract each other and repel waterand arrange themselves into a spherical structure with hydrophic ends inside the sphere at is nucleus, and the hydrophilic ends on the outer surface of the sphere.  This sphere is called a micelle.

When combined with water, micelles break water's surfacetension resulting in super wet water.  The same  action allows micelles to penetrate organic soils and to hold them in liquid suspension.  In effect, the micelle cleaning action is unique and can only be related to the effect of an atomic explosion where radom interaction of the particles loosens the soil.  Micelles enable us to clean soils without damaging the cleaning surface.


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RES-Q BioBased Products are made from renewable resources.  

Since  our surfactants are plant based they are inherently safer and more environmentaaly safer for people, pets, and earth.

BioBased Cleaners is the safer alternative to toxic petro chemicals.

Our BioBased Products are shipped in 5 gallon containers, 55 gallon drums and 250 gallon totes.  They can be shipped directly to you or your filling company.